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Jim Winokur is a Licensed Financial Advisor,

with a passion for helping people protect their quality of life and creating peace of mind. Jim has extensive knowledge of the financial industry. He is also Long-Term Care certified and holds a Life and Health Insurance license.

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With over two decades of experience as a Financial Advisor, Jim has advised numerous Individuals on:

Retirement Planning

Social Security

Long-Term Care


The Why

Jim’s Story

“Beginning my career in the industry in 2001, I have accumulated over two decades of comprehensive experience in the financial sector. For more than 2 decades, my commitment to excellence never wavered, leading to my reinstatement and subsequent focus on becoming a Licensed Fiduciary since 2011. With over 7 years of specialized experience in retirement, my career is a testament to my dedication, adaptability, and in-depth knowledge of the financial landscape.”

Jim’s passion for serving others truly shines through his work as a financial advisor, a calling that became deeply personal during a challenging time. When his wife faced health issues at a young age, they navigated the complexities of Social Security disability and Medicare together. This experience not only brought Jim closer to understanding the intricacies of these programs but also ignited his desire to specialize in Medicare and Long-term Care, ensuring that others would not have to face these complexities alone. With a rich background in Life and Health Insurance, Jim further expanded his expertise by becoming a Fiduciary, allowing him to offer comprehensive advice on retirement planning, and beyond, always putting his clients’ best interests at the forefront.

Nestled in the beautiful Cottonwood Heights, Utah, Jim finds balance and joy in the great outdoors. Whether he’s backcountry skiing, biking, engaging in racquet sports, or sharing his love for yoga as a certified instructor, Jim embraces an active lifestyle. His competitive spirit is also evident in his dedication to playing lacrosse, a testament to his belief in lifelong vitality and wellness.

Jim’s academic achievements, including a Master of International Development from American University in Washington, D.C., complement his extensive practical experience. This unique combination of personal commitment, professional expertise, and a holistic approach to life makes Jim an invaluable ally to those navigating retirement. With Jim, retirees can expect not just a financial advisor, but a compassionate partner dedicated to ensuring their financial security and overall well-being.


What People Say

Jim’s relentless work ethic is second to none.

Doug Goodwin

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